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Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Impressions from the island Pt.1

Finally! Here are some of the pics I took in London.
(Click to enlarge)
Somewhere back there in the distance, you might see those famous white cliffs of Dover.
That is the first one on and of british soil! *celebration*

The St.Albert Memorial, if I recall correctly. Nothing of importance, but a pretty neat shot, innit?

The Picadilly Circus ( well, the screen on the corner ) in daylight.
Same spot as above, but nighttime. Quite a good shot, too.

Now the fun starts -.- Blogger messed up my pics again. Sucks ass, but what's yer gonna do, right?^^

Guess what this is ^^ Imho a Must-have-shot.

Another Must-have. Harrods.

The HMS Belfast, once battleship, now museum. Been there twice ( once on this trip ) and would go again.

Tower of London to the left, the Tower Brigde in the center and C35, HMS Belfast on the right. Including the english cliché weather...

Tower Bridge in all it's beauty.

The City Hall, taken from the back of C35.

The Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament, often referred as 'Big Ben', though that's only the name of the 13ton bell inside.

Still 12 pictures to come, but thats for the rest of the week.


  1. love how every single photo has that dull, grey, cloudy sky

  2. Warning! Translated with Google ... ^^
    Beautiful pictures! "Great" Weather ... ^^ Sometime I want to go there as well ... :-)


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